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Exploring The Benefits Of Improving Your Buena Vista Home For A Winter Sale

Posted in: Chaffee County, Lake County, Park County
By Reynolds Real Estate Group
Jan 7, 2011 - 11:20:21 AM

Exploring The Benefits Of Improving Buena Vista Real Estate For A Winter Sale


Selling a home is harder now than it has ever been before. It is a buyer's market. The only thing more difficult than simply selling a house in general is trying to sell that same house during the winter time. Buyers are putting a huge emphasis on curb appeal and snow tends to give a home a generic feel. If an individual is trying to sell a Colorado home during the winter months there are a few things that they can do to help the Buena Vista real estate find a new owner.

The worse thing a home owner can do is put off preparing their home. If they even suspect that it will be on the market during the winter months, they need to plan ahead. There are several things that can be done during the warm months that will improve the appearance of the home during the winter time.

The exterior of the house needs to look good. If there are any sagging panes, scratched paint, or other cosmetic issues, the owner needs to repair them. During the summer, these things might be hardly noticeable, but in the winter they can sometimes be hard to miss.

One of the best ways to improve the curb appeal of a home is with some color and nothing adds more color to a home than evergreens. During the summer months, homeowners who suspect that they will be selling during the winter need to plant some evergreen shrubs and trees on their property. The trick is to do so in a way that also compliments the summer landscaping.

During the holiday's it is easy to get carried away with decorations. Part of this has to do with the festive feeling of the season. Some people do this in an attempt to attract the attention of potential drive by buyers. Gaudy decorations when selling is usually a mistake. Homes usually look best when the decorations are kept tasteful.

A new layer of snow looks really pretty, but when that snow is built up on the driveway and sidewalks it can be a major deterrent. Potential buyers are not going to be impressed if they have to slog through waist deep snow just to reach the front door. Keeping the driveway and all the walkways cleared will help the house look accessible.

Just because the mail box and address sign are in good shape does not mean that they should stay. This is especially true if they are old. Updating both items can give the home a fresh appearance. Consider adding a beautiful free standing mailbox that matches the exterior of your home. Try to picture how it can update the property to have a more modern mail box in place.

Buena Vista real estate is always going to look better during the summer months. Make sure the realtor has photos of the home during the summer time that they can use when they are listing the house. Homeowners should also have detailed photos of the summer landscaping that they can show any potential buyers.

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