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Landscape Leadville Homes & Real Estate For Sale Before Winter

Posted in: Chaffee County, Lake County, Park County
By Reynolds Real Estate Group
Jan 11, 2011 - 1:20:11 PM

Landscape Leadville Homes & Real Estate For Sale Before Winter


The current state of the housing market is already making it difficult to sell a house. If a person finds that they have to put their house on the market during the winter time, things get even harder. The reason for this is that curb appeal is something that many home owners want from a home. When the ground is covered by snow it tends to give Buena Vista real estate a generic and tired feel. While selling the home during the winter is difficult, it is not impossible.

The first thing home owners need to do is plan ahead. Even if there is a chance that the home will be up for sale during the winter months, they should start making preparations early. Working outdoors in the autumn is far more pleasant than doing the same thing in the middle of the winter.

The chances are pretty good that there are some small cosmetic blemishes on either the house of the outlying buildings. In the summer when everything is blooming and the place is sunny, these blemishes might not be noticeable but they will be during the winter. The more blemishes that are repaired the better the property will look from the road.

Homeowners should carefully consider their summer landscaping and consider how they can add some complimentary evergreen trees and shrubs. These will add color and style to the home during the winter months. It is important to make sure that you pick trees that are suitable for the Colorado winter and to also keep them healthy so that they will make it through the winter in good health.

The holiday season is an excellent time to really show off your house. It is the one time of the year when it is socially acceptable to light things up. The problem that some homeowners run into is that in an attempt to make their home noticeable, they tend to over do things and the result is just garish. Try to stick to a tasteful theme and remember a few strings of lights can go a really long way.

Snow looks pretty when it is in the yard, but when it is piled up on the driveway and walkways it can cost the homeowners a sale. Hiring a neighbor kid to keep things shoveled not only helps with the appearance of the house but can also make it more accessible.

A mail box can make an impression. It is one of the first things prospective buyers see when they pull up to a house, and one of the last things they see when they leave. Instead of leaving an old rusted mailbox beside the road, the home owners should replace it with something new that really reflects the personality of the house.

Some people simply do not have enough imagination to know what a Buena Vista real estate is going to look like during the summer. Having good quality summertime photos of the home and the surrounding landscape can sometimes be the difference between making and losing a sale. The homeowners need to make sure that their realtor has a copy of these photos.

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