30th May, 2011

Denver Parker CO Home Purchase When Relocating

To Whom It May Concern:

Now that our family is settling into our new home in Denver-Parker, I felt it was time to acknowledge the important role Craig Reynolds of Reynolds Real Estate Group played in our relocation.

Parker Colorado

To begin, about 10 months ago our family decided to embark on a new adventure and relocate from Vermont to the Denver Area.  I had a new job and the timing seemed right for us to make a move.  Having never relocated before, we were not prepared for everything that could possibly happen.

The first thing I did was an Internet Search for a Realtor.  The Reynolds Real Estate Group Website came up high in the search and I was impressed with the professional quality of their site.  I made contact and was pleasantly surprised by Craig’s quick and clear response.  He immediately got to know me and my family through personal questions and was able to make value based judgments from my answers.

Craig and I stayed in contact for about 6 weeks prior to my move to Denver to begin my new job.  In the meantime, my family stayed behind in Vermont to sell our home.  My first weekend in the Denver Area was a little stressful and I was questioning our decision to move, but Craig made me feel at ease.  We met in person shortly after I made the trip, and we began looking at houses and neighborhoods.  One thing about Craig is his ability to pull out of you what you are feeling.  I was amazed at how comfortable I was around him and that he so quickly understood what I was looking for in a home for my family.  Before long, he knew exactly what I was thinking about a particular house or area, which helped us narrow down our search much quicker.

During the process of selling my house in Vermont and buying a house in Colorado, there were a lot of ups and downs.  My situation changed from the type of home we needed, when my wife’s father decided he was going to move with us.  This arrangement went back and forth a few times ending with my father-in-law staying in Vermont.  Craig was extremely patient with the indecision on our part.  Next we had two deals fall through on the sale of our house, which again meant we were moving quickly on the Colorado end to put in an offer only to have to back out when our sale fell through.  The best part about all of this was Craig’s attention to detail and he made sure we didn’t get hung out to dry when we had to back out.

Finally, the day came when we sold our house in Vermont and the offer on a home in Parker, Colorado was accepted.  Little did we know that our relocation adventure was not quite over.  The professional home inspection went well and we were on track, the night before the closing we met with Craig at the house for the walk through.  There were a few issues as the house was not clean and some of the inclusions were missing.  Craig was relentless in his efforts to contact the seller’s Realtor and get the issues corrected.  His professionalism and personal credibility were exceptional.  I have worked with many Realtors over the past 25 years as I am in the property and rental management business and Craig is at the top of the list.

My wife and I have spoken to many of our friends and acquaintances at just how effective Craig Reynolds was throughout the relocating process.  I can honestly say that if not for his efforts we would not have been able to do this on our own.  He has become invaluable by exceeding our expectations not only as a Realtor but as a friend.


Calvin Eddy-White

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