To Whom It May Concern:

Now that our family is settling into our new home in Denver-Parker, I felt it was time to acknowledge the important role Craig Reynolds of Reynolds Real Estate Group played in our relocation.

Parker Colorado

To begin, about 10 months ago our family decided to embark on a new adventure and relocate from Vermont to the Denver Area.  I had a new job and the timing seemed right for us to make a move.  Having never relocated before, we were not prepared for everything that could possibly happen.

The first thing I did was an Internet Search for a Realtor.  The Reynolds Real Estate Group Website came up high in the search and I was impressed with the professional quality of their site.  I made contact and was pleasantly surprised by Craig’s quick and clear response.  He immediately got to know me and my family through personal questions and was able to make value based judgments from my answers.

Craig and I stayed in contact for about 6 weeks prior to my move to Denver to begin my new job.  In the meantime, my family stayed behind in Vermont to sell our home.  My first weekend in the Denver Area was a little stressful and I was questioning our decision to move, but Craig made me feel at ease.  We met in person shortly after I made the trip, and we began looking at houses and neighborhoods.  One thing about Craig is his ability to pull out of you what you are feeling.  I was amazed at how comfortable I was around him and that he so quickly understood what I was looking for in a home for my family.  Before long, he knew exactly what I was thinking about a particular house or area, which helped us narrow down our search much quicker.

During the process of selling my house in Vermont and buying a house in Colorado, there were a lot of ups and downs.  My situation changed from the type of home we needed, when my wife’s father decided he was going to move with us.  This arrangement went back and forth a few times ending with my father-in-law staying in Vermont.  Craig was extremely patient with the indecision on our part.  Next we had two deals fall through on the sale of our house, which again meant we were moving quickly on the Colorado end to put in an offer only to have to back out when our sale fell through.  The best part about all of this was Craig’s attention to detail and he made sure we didn’t get hung out to dry when we had to back out.

Finally, the day came when we sold our house in Vermont and the offer on a home in Parker, Colorado was accepted.  Little did we know that our relocation adventure was not quite over.  The professional home inspection went well and we were on track, the night before the closing we met with Craig at the house for the walk through.  There were a few issues as the house was not clean and some of the inclusions were missing.  Craig was relentless in his efforts to contact the seller’s Realtor and get the issues corrected.  His professionalism and personal credibility were exceptional.  I have worked with many Realtors over the past 25 years as I am in the property and rental management business and Craig is at the top of the list.

My wife and I have spoken to many of our friends and acquaintances at just how effective Craig Reynolds was throughout the relocating process.  I can honestly say that if not for his efforts we would not have been able to do this on our own.  He has become invaluable by exceeding our expectations not only as a Realtor but as a friend.


Calvin Eddy-White

If you are trying to sell your Denver, Leadville or Buena Vista home and you are having a trouble, you should look for the reasons why this is happening. Are You Preventing Your Home From Selling in any way?Usually the most important reason why your home is not selling is the high price. During the last few years the real estate market has seen a rather significant reduction in prices nationally. Probably you need to reconsider the price you have set. If you are not sure whether the price is fair or not you should consult your Realtor and get a professional opinion.Moreover, your home needs to be properly maintained. Maintenance is a very important factor in helping your house sell faster. If you have neglected to repair some things, you should definitely check them now, because they may add up and prevent the potential buyers from evaluating your home properly. Usually some defaults can deter us from seeing the advantages of the home, since the only thing we see is the money we will need to spend on fixing some things ourselves. Your Realtor will tell you that if you have repaired your home in advance, it will sell quickly.

Ready To Sell

Remember to have your home in showing condition; even if you are having a hectic lifestyle, you should have your home clean and neat. This will make a really great difference to the potential buyers who come to see it. Avoid offensive smells and anything that would not allow people see the positive attributes of the property.

Another common mistake that many people do is that they are present when potential buyers are coming. It is always a good idea to hire a professional realtor who can do this part of the job. Realtors are usually more flexible and know how to negotiate or answer the questions asked by the buyer.

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To Whom It May Concern,

Colorado HomeMy wife and I first met Craig Reynolds while looking for vacation property in the Chaffee and Lake County areas of Colorado.  We really needed someone that knew the area and knew the market well.

We were looking for a Colorado property within a certain price range and met our specific criteria. We were quite impressed with Craig’s knowledge of the area and the properties we were interested in.  Craig had the answers to all our questions or found the answers in a timely fashion.  He really does his research.  It is as if he were purchasing the property himself.

Craig worked diligently with us for two years, before we found our dream property. Whether we were looking or entering the buying process; we sincerely trusted Craig and always believed he was looking out for our best interest.  We found that Craig truly listened to our needs, and his professionalism and “no pressure” sales approach made us feel at ease through the whole process. So much at ease, we have since purchased another property with Craig.

Without any hesitation, we would highly recommend Craig Reynolds for your real estate needs. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.


Jim and Joanne Pustizzi
Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado HomeEveryone seems to experience a wave of excitement with the thought of moving. Leaving a long-time residence is a matter to be given thought. Family and friends are relationships built over a life-time. The children have made friends in school and are settled into the way of life they are used too. Sometimes people have lived their whole life in one place and gone to church in the area since childhood. With all of these things in mind, there are things to consider when relocating to or from your Colorado home.

This is big step to consider before making the decision. Sometimes the jobs move us to another state. Others just want a change of scenery because boredom has made them just want to move. Before making a life choice, we should always take a breath and think about reasons we are doing this. The advancement of security of job could be a legitimate reason for the relocation.

It is a good idea to do your homework on location. Find out what the climate is like. Jobs can be checked out to see the comparison on job security and financial advancement. If a family is involved the schools have to be evaluated for education for the children. Deciding to rent or buying a home are other factors to think about. Long term house buying can be profitable if the real estate is researched.

Colorado State CapitolMoving possessions can be costly. A thought would be to think about donating a lot of things to charity. Expenses add up when relocating. Trim back and save some cash. Money saved could be used to buy new furniture and housing allotments when you have advanced from one place to another.

The decision has been made. The movers need to researched and the best choice made to move your possessions. Say good-by to old acquaintances and be sure to give forwarding addresses. Moving doesn’t have to be painful if you have planned and determined for everything to be run smoothly. Relocation is just a step away.

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