8th Sep, 2011

Buena Vista CO Home Purchase Review

Here is what Burl Gibson wrote:
How likely are you to recommend this agent? 5 STARS Highly Likely
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Local knowledge: 5 STARS
Process expertise: 5 STARS
Responsiveness: 5 STARS
Negotiation skills: 5 STARS

Buena Vista CO Homes & Real Estate

Summary of their experience;
Following Craig’s fast response to our original email inquiry as to properties in the Leadville and south central CO areas, he called us to ask questions. Craig paid attention to the details of what we were looking for, both in the home, neighborhood, activities, churches in the areas, and asked for input in other areas we had not considered. After evaluating our responses, he then sent us a link to view the listings he had determined we may want to look at, that he had put up on his secured website for us to review. This was very convenient and absolutely helpful, as we had been looking in several other areas of the state as well, and were travelling around Colorado at the time. We were able to easily narrow down the selections to what could be viewed over a 2 or 3 day period. When we scheduled our visit to the area, Craig was extremely accomodating to our schedule and was able to coordinate the home visitations with the other listing realtors while minimizing our travel times. He kept a few homes ‘in reserve’ that we had eliminated, as some of them met the criteria we had expressed to him. Craig made and took the time to help us explore and examine the towns and neighborhoods, even taking us to the local libraries, chambers of commerce and community centers to ensure we got to meet local people and get a sense of the communities. He always kept our best interests in mind. After showing us many properties over several days time, we ended up negotiating for a property in Buena Vista, one that we had originally discarded and that he had kept ‘in reserve’ anyway. We are SO GLAD he did that! Craig did an excellent job in helping in the negotiations, always keeping us protected during this process and always being fair. His help was absolutely invaluable as we are from out of state, and had minimal time to travel for taking care of the details. He was present for the home inspection, successfully handled the subsequent negotiations and also took excellent care of ensuring the details up to the closing were handled expeditiously, at least as far as what was in our control. The closing went without a hitch, and we are the happy and proud owners of our retirement home in Buena Vista! As he had originally told us, and we didn’t really believe at the time since we weren’t originally looking in BV, it is a wonderful place with so much to do! One of our issues each day we are home, is deciding what to do first that day. Hiking, fishing, biking (both road and trail), exploring, skiing, snowshoeing, or watching the inaugural Pro Cycling event ride through town, etc., etc…. Thank you Craig for making this a very positive experience. Having purchased several houses over the years, we can and DO highly recommend Craig Reynolds as one of the best agents/brokers we have ever had the pleasure to work with. He follows through with what he says he will do. As per our comments above, he also goes above and beyond, in our experience in working with him.
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30158 Elk Mdw, Buena Vista, CO 81211

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