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No One Knows Leadville Homes & Investment Real Estate Like Us

Posted in: Lake County, Chaffee County, Summit County
By Reynolds Real Estate Group
Apr 13, 2010 - 11:06:04 AM

No One Knows Leadville Homes & Investment Real Estate Like Us 

Leadville Real Estate offers homes for sale that are a great investment. What makes Leadville and the real estate market so attractive is it location for all sorts of differing recreational opportunity. Situated close the Summit County Real Estate market which is incredible higher in terms of cost, Leadville Real Estate investment can be entered into with a relative modest investment.

While the real estate market has not reached the heights predicted due the slowing of the economy, there are other places to gain the excitement and reach the heights that eventual the market will come too. Now while this isn't for the faint of heart, try this out. Approximately 10 miles south off Hwy 24 from Leadville is where the trail begins. The trail is called Half Moon Creek Trail. This is where the 8 mile long trail to the summit of Mount Elbert begins. The beginning of the trek is just over 10,000 feet. Climbers are advised to register for the trail right past the parking area.

Mount Elbert is named for the secretary who was working for then Territorial Governor Evans, Samuel Elbert. At the end of June through the beginning of September are the best times to climb it. Remember that snow is possible at any time as well as any day, summer just as well as winter at such high elevations. The least promising time for ascending this mountain is early September until nearly the end of June. You will most likely never find any hazards that are man-made but hazards do exist on the trail. A hiker should keep in mind that altitude sickness is very real. A good way to avoid is to acclimate by spending a few days at a lower elevation such as Leadville.

To prevent getting caught in the evening thunderstorms on top of Mount Elbert, hikers should not start climbing if it is after six o'clock AM. As the hike begins, the trail winds through a thick Hudsonian forest. The bark of the subalpine fir is silvery. You will also see Engelmann spruce trees with their red and scaly bark. A profusion of wildflowers can be seen gracing the area around the trail, including Blue Chiming Bells, Red Indian Paintbrushes (one of my favorites), Yellow Heart-Leafed Arnicablue and Chiming Bells. Once you enter the depths of the forests, in the fields, a climber might spot elk grazing.

As a hiker gradually goes higher, the Trail connects to the Colorado path where wide vistas of Leadville Valley are visible underneath. As you ascend, the trees grow sparser. In about 90 minutes, a hiker will reach the Colorado Trail. If you look to your right you will see the Mount Elbert Trail. Preparation is vital. Stop for a break or liquids as often as needed, particularly when you near the 13,000 foot mark.

Hikers who think they have reached the peak of Mount Elbert need to brace for what is ahead.

The path continues even higher to one more false peak beyond the 14,000 foot mark. At this point, a hiker may spy small dots representing figures on top of Mount Elbert still some distance beyond. Don't quit now! Although they appear far away just keep putting one foot in front of the other and before you know it you'll find yourself arriving at the summit. The reward is not only the view but the accomplishment. It is worth the effort and one you will never forget!

Now while the real estate market isn't quite this exciting we still think it will soon be back on target.  Now is the time you want to learn of the opportunities. Contact us at or visit us online at



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